Friday, June 14, 2013

Mother Moon

As a pagan, I pay pretty close attention to the lunar phases and I wanted to do a photo shoot to represent my love for the moon. 

The waxing moon is known to pagans as the maiden moon, the full moon as the mother, and the waning moon as the crone. Each representing different stages in life, and each useful in casting for different purposes. 

I think the beauty of the moon is that it is born, it lives, it dies, and is reborn over and over again. It represents life and death. It's rise and fall is a constant reminder to me that while there are things that I want to gain and collect in life, there are also things that I need to let go of and rid myself of. There is a time to be brave and strong, and a time to heal and be at rest. The moon is somewhat of a living, breathing force to me. It's is known as being a feminine energy, whereas the sun is known as masculine. And while I love the sun and it's bold persistence and strength, I will always feel a connection to the nurturing kindness of the maiden, the mother, and the crone.

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