Thursday, September 27, 2012

So I haven't posted much this summer and here's why:

This beautiful kitty went missing. And I was heart broken. I went to bed feeling strange and when I woke up I knew she was gone. As far as we know she was inside when we all went to bed. I think she chose to leave. I think she never planned to stay for long. Her name was Moggy but I called her the Grey Ghost. She was very quiet and sneaky. She wasn't even with me for a year. She left such a small imprint on my physical life that it's almost like she was never here. But she's still in my memories.

So... Moggy was technically a rescue cat. After she left I realized how much I love having cats around and how many didn't have homes. And that's how this happened...
Luna was a year and a half old when I adopted her from the SPCA and she'd been there for 6 months. From what we can tell she was likely a barn cat and had a litter within the first year of her life. I thought I would take an innocent look at the SPCA website, and I saw her picture. I loved her instantly. And a few days later I brought her home. 

 Adopting a cat through the SPCA was really easy. The only thing is, there's an adoption fee in order to pay for getting the animal fixed, it's shots, and a few doses of worm medication. When I adopted Luna there was a special at the SPCA and the fee was only $100. So here's how I paid for it.

I've been knitting since I was about 4 years old. And I recently started knitting stuffed animals. I thought that I could maybe raise some of the money to pay off the credit card bill of Luna's adoption by selling these funny creatures. 

And it worked. I got a much bigger response than I expected. And I found myself knitting day and night to fill orders and pay for my Luna. 

It took up almost all of my free time and I'm sure I caused some permanent damage to my eyes but I didn't care. Cats complete my life, so Luna was worth the work.

And of course I couldn't stop at just one. My brother has two barn cats that had litters very close together. These two little guys are from the second litter. The little guy above is officially named Mr. Pip. Matt calls him Mister. I call him Pipkin. (Pipkin is a character from my favourite Halloween story, The Halloween Tree.) He was born with a bad leg and my brother was worried about finding a home for him. So he lives with us and Luna now.

And the little girl below is named Poe, as in Edgar Allen. We call her Posy. She was just too sweet to give up. She's incredibly energetic and takes care of Pipkin... for the most part.

I'm still knitting all sorts of things and selling them to raise money for adopting cats. If you'd like to order something, I'd be happy to make it.

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