Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The other day Britt and I decided to get together and do a photo shoot. She asked if I had any ideas, and I didn't so I thought for a moment and said "How about someone being swallowed by vines." And here's what came of it. It may have been a bit rainy and there may have been a thunder clap or two while we stood under lots of tall thin lightning rods - I mean trees... But what's adventure all about, right? At least our destination was close and we miraculously got back inside just before mother nature sent a hail storm our way. 

This shot haunts me to my very core but it turned out so intense that I wanted to share it. My Mom says it looks like an old movie poster for a horror flick.

On a somewhat related note, Britt and I are planning a very big ongoing project together which I am very excited about. I'll share more about it once we get some details sorted out. Oh! The anticipation!

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