Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The White Witch's Land

There's something so eerie about a place like this. The untouched snow, the strange soft light. Everything feels so quiet and fragile. Maybe you shouldn't go any further. It's so delicate and breakable. And yet your feet keep taking you forward. Creeping along in a whisper. Touch nothing. When you leave, leave quietly as the falling snow fills in your footprints. Your heart will know what you've seen, but it will seem as if you'd never been there. And it is quite possible that no person will find that place again.

I love when Britt comes home for a few days and we have time to whip up some photos. She's willing to do just about anything, as was evident during this shoot. Although it doesn't look like it, it was very cold, very windy, and snowing like crazy. Luckily we found a spot at the bottom of a wall of rocks which provided just enough shelter for us to work a little more comfortably. We also decided to stop shooting about 10 minutes before an ice age decided to hit and we suddenly couldn't see more than 10 or 15 feet outside my kitchen windows.

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