Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finding a way to be beautiful.

Today I faced a major fear of mine. Photographing my own body. I do this every once in a while because I think it's important to find ways to love your own body. And what better way than to have a photograph of yourself that you think is beautiful. Even if it takes all day to get it. This is especially important for myself, being a female who has been up and down in weight, back and forth in shape, and is constantly trying to figure out what the hell size of bra I'm supposed to be wearing. (On a side note I once used an online size chart to try and figure it out and apparently I'm a 38A. I'm an A?!?! You must be joking.)

But I often don't bare this much skin and in such a scandalous way. This time I did it because I think every woman should know how to feel sexy. And sometimes we need some practice. I'm not afraid to show my body like this. I'm not ashamed of how I look. And feeling sexy and showing it does not in any way mean that woman are asking to be objectified. It's about feeling confident and proud of our body, however it may look. It's very difficult for some of us to get past the magazine ads and the models and sometimes even just pressure from people around us. We need to find a way to be comfortable in our own skin and stop worrying about what we're "supposed" to look like. This is my way of saying "screw you, so-called 'perfect female body'! I love me just the way I am."

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